Cold Brew Infusion

5:58 PM

This weekend, Eddie and I are packing up to move out of our first apartment. Ah! We're moving to a house downtown Atlanta with some friends, which we're pretty excited about and have been anticipating since the beginning of the summer. We're looking forward to living in community with other believers and to being more intentional with our time, space, money, and relationships.
We moved the majority of our stuff downtown today, with the help of our amazing family and friends and a U-haul the size of our whole apartment. It took only a few hours and, thankfully, went really smoothly!
Our space in the house is starting to come together already, even though we have quite a lot left to do. We're transitioning from a two bedroom apartment of our own to a house that is already mostly furnished, so we've been going through our things and simplifying. 
Eddie and I are back at the mostly empty apartment tonight for what is probably going to be our last overnighter here. Even though we've known that this move was coming for the last few months and have slowly been packing up, the transition didn't feel real until this morning. I'm ready to move on to a new adventure but there's still that part of me that is anxious to hold on to the familiarity of life as it has been and the comfort (and control) that came with it. I know, though, that the Lord will use this new season to stretch, shape, and reshape both Eddie and me. I'm expectant for what He has for us during our time in Atlanta. He is so good and my heart is so full. I'm thankful that He has paved our way into the city and goes with us on this new adventure.
On a totally unrelated note, here's the recipe for my current drink of choice: cold-brewed Ceylon black tea infused with mint. I'm trying to get in as much cold-brewed tea as I can before Summer officially slips away. The softer tea taste that cold-brewing provides with a subtle hint of mint...gooood morning to me! I love that I can prep this before bed and all I have to do in the morning is strain it and go.
What you'll need:
3 tsp loose leaf black tea
16 oz water 5(ish) fresh mint leaves, coarsely chopped container with a lid What to do:
1. Combine tea leaves and mint leaves in container. (I use a jar because it seals nicely and gives me the option of drinking the tea immediately after straining or resealing it and saving it for later. Win/win.)
2. Add water. 
3. Place the top securely on the container and give it a good shake to mix all the ingredients together.
4. Leave to steep in the refrigerator for 8-9 hours.
5. Strain and sip away!

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