Dr. Bombay's + The Learning Tea

7:48 PM

A while back, my Mom and I spent an afternoon in the city and stopped for tea at Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party, one of my favorite tea shops in Atlanta. With bookshelves overflowing with donated books lining the walls, umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, and an eclectic collection of photos and art spread throughout, it feels a little bit like walking into a scene from Alice and Wonderland. While I've spent time at Dr. Bombay's in the past, I'd never had afternoon tea there.
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To raise the awesome factor even more, Dr. Bombay's is also the home of The Learning Tea, a not-for-profit that provides education for young women in India. Every month, Dr. Bombay's hosts A Taste of India dinner, and all the profits from the event support The Learning Tea. When I went to the monthly dinner in January, the shop was packed out. It was so encouraging to see the community there supporting such an inspiring cause!

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