Iced Chai + Salted Oatmeal Cookies with Dark Chocolate

3:00 PM

Lately I've been experimenting with homemade spiced chai recipes. I've made a handful of small batches, adding and subtracting different spices, testing different kinds of milk, and playing around with steeping methods. This weekend, I made a fresh batch and I think I'm quite close to perfecting the recipe! I'll post my version as soon as I nail it down.
While the chai steeped, I pulled out a recipe I found online a while back for salted oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate. So. Good. I love oatmeal cookies but rarely eat them because they're usually paired with raisins. Ick. These are the perfect blend of oatmeal and chocolate with a slight salty kick to them. I'll definitely be making them again!
Here's to a handful of more sunny days full of iced chai and sweet treats!

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