Tea + Marshmallows

7:37 PM

Recently, I read this post from Teaspoons & Petals about a marshmallow tea latte. Say what?! Marshmallows in your tea? I was intrigued and, since I've been looking for a reason to make homemade marshmallows, I decided to try it.
Making the marshmallows was super easy and they turned out pretty well. They taste great and were perfectly frothy in the tea! I'll definitely be pulling the recipe out again once hot cocoa season returns.
I wanted to experiment with the marshmallows in hot tea so I stuck to making the tea with water instead of milk. Once it was finished steeping, I added the marshmallows, which quickly melted, forming a perfect layer of yummy foam on top. In an attempt to make the drink more latte-esque, I added four marshmallows, which ended up making the tea almost unbearably sweet. That said, I really liked the drink overall. It was a sweet way to switch up my tea routine and the added marshmallows gave it the same homey feeling as hot cocoa. I'm excited about having this again once winter returns!
Happy Friday!
Steph xo

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