Zen Tea

7:29 PM

A few weeks ago, I found a Scoutmob deal for Zen Tea, a local Atlanta tea shop. I'd heard a lot about the shop so I was pretty excited to have an excuse to go. Here are a few photos from when my Mama and I drove over to check it out:

Almond scones, jam, and lemon curd
Yerba Mate & Peach Black Tea
2012-08-8 Zen Tea1 The shop is in a cute little brick building that sits across from the railroad tracks. It has a very casual, calm atmosphere and they have quite an extensive tea menu. I ordered Yerba Mate, an herbal tea from Latin America, which I'd never tasted hot. My mum got her favorite black tea and we sat, talking for over an hour, enjoying our snacks. 2012-08-8 Zen Tea I love getting one-on-one time with my mom and making new memories with her. She knows me well and has so much wisdom that I sorely need. I'm so thankful for her and her influence in my life. (I'm also thankful that she doesn't mind me sleeping over when my man goes out of town and watches Jane Austen movies with me xo)IMG_6912
It was fun to go on a mini day-date with my mom. Mama time + a tea party makes for a pretty successful day! Steph xoxo

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