Summer Travels + Pique Tea

11:18 AM

Our first trip of the Summer is coming up! My love and I will be spending some time in the Northwest visiting friends and family, attending a wedding, and hopefully relaxing a bit along the way. I've started compiling a list of tea shops to stop off at throughout the week, if time allows, since Portland has no shortage of well-known and unique tea and coffee shops. Any shop recommendations from folks familiar with the city?
With trip planning and a handful of life transitions going on, things have been quite busy around here for the past while. I've recently been sipping on Pique Tea, a crystallized tea that dissolves in hot (or cold) water. Each packet contains pure, organic, unsweetened tea crystals with a high level of antioxidants. It leaves no residue on the bottom of the cup and tastes like a high-quality cup of brewed tea since only the best full leaf tea is used to prepare the crystals. Basically, it's a simplified way to get an excellent cup of tea quickly at home or easily while on the go without sacrificing quality or taste. Guess what I'll be taking on the plane with me during our trip?

Want to try Pique Tea out? They've generously offered a 15% discount for any new orders placed through the end of the month. Just use the code TEACRYSTALS15 for 15% off your order at checkout. I recommend trying the variety pack but my favorites so far are the Sencha and Earl Grey. Check out all of the different options on the Pique website!

Happy sipping,

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