The Coming of Fall + Terra Klay Earthenware

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The beginning of September has arrived and the tips of the leaves are slowly beginning to show signs of Fall color. The morning temperatures are finally under 70 and I'm taking advantage of the cool air by making a pot of chai and sipping it with the windows open, looking forward to all of the changes this season is going to bring.
This black stone pottery tea set comes from Terra Klay, a company that sources handcrafted earthenware from a group of skilled artisans in North East India. Each pot is handmade from locally sourced materials by women whose tribes have used these traditional pottery techniques for generations. Because every piece is made by hand, using bamboo tools rather than a potter's wheel, each pot and cup are one of a kind. Each unique pot design is named after one of the artisans involved in the design and production of the pottery.
What I appreciate most about these pieces is that the supply chain - from unfinished clay to fired product - focuses on fair trade methods, aiming to support the local community through sales of their traditional wares. This set is not only beautifully made - it also supports the woman makers and their community on a daily basis.

Educating ourselves about the supply chains of the products we use and letting it impact our purchases has a ripple effect through to the workers and producers at the end of the line. Our purchase choices can help hold companies accountable for the business choices they make and the way they treat their workers. Supporting a company, like Terra Klay, that uses their influence to empower those involved in production adds incalculable value to an already artistic and unique product.
Terra Klay is graciously offering free shipping through the end of November with the code TEATIME. Their black stone pottery is lead free, food safe, and "seasons" as it absorbs tea oils over timeHead over to their website to learn more about these one-of-a-kind sets that are not only pieces of art but also support a group of traditional artisans in a remote part of the world.

- Steph

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