Ginger Matcha Latte

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I absolutely love the cherry tree in our yard. It turns the most vibrant shade of orange in the Fall and has the prettiest blooms in the Spring. The tree is getting old and a little scraggly (and the roots are trying to invade our plumbing) so it may not be here for many more years and I'm trying to soak up the beauty of it while it's still around. Spring feels like it has fully arrived once the tree is absolutely covered in soft pink blooms. The air is still cool and the pollen has yet to invade making it a sweet little segue into the new season.
This Ginger Matcha Latte is perfect for the coming of Spring. The fresh matcha mirrors the green that is popping out all around, the spicy ginger is warming during the slightly chilly mornings, and together the two make for an energizing combo. Matcha and ginger are both full of antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties making them a powerhouse duo for shaking off Winter and stepping into Spring on the right foot. Prepping the different recipe components takes a bit of pre-planning and time but makes enough for several servings.
(makes two servings)

Ginger simple syrup to taste
Candied Ginger, coarsely ground
- 16 oz whole milk or preferred milk/substitute
- 3 tsp MyEncha Matcha
- 2 Tbsp hot water + extra to prewarm glasses

1. Prepare batch of simple syrup.
2. Prepare candied ginger and allow to cool. Grind or finely chop and place in a shallow bowl or plate.
3. Brush the rim of each glass with a light layer of simple syrup. Turn the glass upside down and place the rim in the candied ginger, rotating gently to coat.
4. Sift matcha into separate mixing vessel.
5. Add 2 tbsp hot water and whisk or blend.
6. Add hot milk and whisk or blend.
7. Add simple syrup to taste and whisk until frothy.
8. Pour into rimmed glasses and enjoy!

Steph xo

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